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Jo Hannah is the founder and chief honcho of Mist Valley Clothing..  We had a chat with her to find out more about how Mist Valley Clothing came about and a few more details about her life.......

'So Jo, how and why Mist Valley Clothing?'
Really it started when I first started buying linen clothing when I was living in the UK.  When I came to New Zealand it seemed to fit well into the kiwi lifestyle and climate.  Clothes I wear have to be easy and practical to wear alot of the time but I also want to wear something that gives me the opportunity to express my own individuality, style and ethos. 
'Sounds great, but how do the clothes from Mist Valley do that?'
Easy, simple classic styles, with strong lines and a contemporary feel that can be worn across seasons and accessorised with to add individuality and style. Clothes mostly crafted from fabrics made with natural fibres that are breathable, strong but with less impact on our planet.  Like lots of people I love fashion, I love style, I love dressing to express ourselves but at the same time I want something that can stay in my wardrobe from year to year and isn't thrown out after a few months because it doesn't fit the trend anymore.  
'Where are you based? I guess it's misty and in a valley?!!'
I'm lucky enough to be living with my family in beautiful Galatea near the foothills of the incredible Te Urewera National Park.  When I look out of my office window I see tree-clad mountains which are often misty!! Its idyllic.
So what do you do all the way out there by Te Urewera?
We have a great normal life!!!  Our two children attend a fabulous rural school,  we love looking after our horses, dogs, swimming in the lake and rivers, riding motorbikes (well the boys do!), fishing, hanging out with good friends..... 
You don't miss town life?
Oh I love town (and its not That far away!) - shopping, eating out, art exhibitions, live music, markets- I go when I can but the country will always be 1st for me.
So back to Mist Valley Clothing what's coming up and what can we look forward to?
I'm excited about our new sustainable clothing brand from Lithuania - OffOn Clothing.  A small family company that produces beautifully tailored, individually crafted, garments made from linen and cotton in the most gorgeous colours and prints.!!   All the linen is 100% washed Linen certified that it meets ecological requirements.
We also have a fantastic jewellery line from Wendy Nannestad at Nannestad and Sons.  You may have seen Wendy as a judge on the recent TV Series 'Design Junkies'.... She creates the most fabulous geometric handmade designs made from natural wood and stone beads.
Lastly,Jo, will we be able to meet Mist Valley Clothing this Spring/Summer are you on the road?
Yes, we definitely will be at some markets and shows - details will be posted here soon!!



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