Isn't Linen just for Summer?

I don't know about you but when we get to the end of summer and the cooler weather begins I look forward to bringing out my winter clothes - cosy jerseys, leggings, long boots....  There's something comforting about wrapping up to go outside on a winters day and then coming home to peel off the layers and sit beside the fire.

A few style tricks with some our summer clothes - especially our linens means that we can add them to our winter wardrobe too and get more wear from them throughout the year.

A common misconception of linen is that it is a summer fabric. Linen's amazing temperature regulating properties do such a great job of keeping us cool that we often think we should be saving our favourite linen pieces just for the warmer months. However, those fantastic fibres not only keep us cool but help retain heat also, therefore perfect to wear in winter as well as summer.  Our linen pieces are often quite an investment so it stands to reason that we would want to get more wear from them throughout the year.

Here are a few tips to help transition your favourite key linen pieces through the seasons.

Layer, Layer, Layer!

Get clever with layering. A simple long sleeved top underneath your sleeveless linen dress or top works well - turtle necks or round necks look good.  A long-sleeved top underneath your favourite linen shirt will help keep you warm and look stylish at the same time... Unbutton the neck a little further than you normally would and try tying the shirt at the front for a different look. Our Saturday Shirt lends itself well to this. Try and keep the colours of the layers similar tones for a more classic look but then contrast can look great too so just experiment to what suits your personal style.

Dresses that would work well with layers underneath:

Alice Dress - gorgeous with a round or turtle neck long-sleeved top under.         

Katie Dress - long-sleeved round neck underneath and a favourite jacket on the top - perfect!       

Linen Pleat Dress Nice to See you Tunic, and the Longline Linen Dress - add your merino and off you go!

I also find too that a long-line silky cami under a linen dress helps retain heat and can also give a nice smooth fit to the dress.  The premium weight linen dresses from our OffOn collection are lovely to wear with a simple cami underneath.

Layer with more natural fibers

For a cosy winter style, a wool jumper over a linen dress looks great. Wear with wool tights or leggings together with winter boots and you have the perfect outfit.  

Add a cashmere scarf and a heavy cotton jacket to your linen and you are good to go brave the cooler weather.

Winter Colours

Warm natural shades and rich jewel tones tend to be the colours for winter but don't worry if you have just pastel linens.  The natural look and feel of linen mean that a pastel pink or blue linen dress paired with a cosy jersey in natural stone or grey will create another perfect outfit for winter.  Our Cosy Cowl jersey in stone over the Alice dress in pink paired with some brown winter boots is one example of a great combination to tackle the storms!!

Why not also try one of my new favourites the Linen Frill skirt over some woollen tights and together with your favourite jersey...


Hopefully, you now have some ideas to try for wearing your favourite summer linens in the winter.  For more style ideas keep an eye on our Facebook page and always feel free to drop us an email or message if you have any queries - we are always happy to help.



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