Taking care of your Linen


Fantastically far more durable than cotton, those super strong linen fibres - with some care and gentle handling, will withstand lots of wear and be in our wardrobes looking fabulous much longer than the majority of garments we own.

Ok - linen does naturally crumple - its part of its charm and you will never get away from it completely as the natural fibres it is constructed from have no elasticity in them... There is however, a difference between slightly crumpled but still charming and 'looks like it was sitting screwed up at the bottom of the laundry basket' ! 

Follow these few tips to help avoid the laundry basket style - and defiantly look charming instead!

  • Check the care label 
  • Hand wash or gentle machine cycle in warm water with gentle detergent...  Long machine cycles with fast spins often leave the fabric very crumpled and can be harsh on the fibres - especially the more lighter weight styles.
  • Lie flat or hang to dry.
  • Iron (if didn't thrown your iron in the dump years ago!) on a medium to hot steam setting while the garment is still slightly damp. Always iron black or dark pieces on the reverse..
  • Steamers work really well on linen.
  • Store your linen garments hanging in a cool dry place with some space around them - not crammed in a crowded wardrobe. Padded hangers are great if you have some. Avoid folding linen to store away.
  • Embrace the look.!! By the end of a day you will be rocking a few creases in your linen but its (and yours) natural beauty and style will easily shine through!




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